Hair wigs in Kolkata

Hair wigs in Kolkata 

Hair Wig in Kolkata –  Everyone has a unique feeling about hair loss, but they follow different ways in dealing with hair loss. Hair loss does have an impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. Beautiful and comfortable hair wigs and hair extensions will help in boosting confidence and regaining beauty.

Hair extensions and hair wigs at BM Wig Kolkata are designed as a solution for hair loss caused due to different medical conditions like alopecia, radiation, and chemotherapy. You can find and also buy a Human Hair Wig in Kolkata at BM Wig Kolkata. 

In the shedding stage of hair, we can feel the sensitivity of the scalp. At BM Wig Kolkata, the inner layers of our unique hair wigs and extensions are made with extremely soft and lightweight materials for the customer’s comfort. We can prevent the lost hair from sticking inside the wig by using the soft cotton layer in the wig or women’s hair extension.

What is hair wig?

Hair wig is an artificial hair system, will be fixed on the scalp to cover baldness. According to the customer scalp dimensions and existing texture of hair, it will be customized and fixed on the scalp.

Different Kind of Hair wigs or Extensions at BM Wig Shop & Parlour Kolkata:

Synthetic hair wigs:

Synthetic hair wigs are made up of normal lightweight density hair and extremely lightweight material for a natural appearance. These are very easy to care for and require very little maintenance and styling. These synthetic wigs are excellent solutions for patients looking for hair wigs or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Advantages of synthetic hair wigs:

• Synthetic hair wigs are very easy to handle. Once in a month you just need to wash, dry, and then shake it, and the wig will come into its natural state.
• Regardless of the weather synthetic hair wigs hold its natural style.
• As it is an artificial hair wig, you can color it any number of times.
• Synthetic hair wigs are relatively inexpensive
• There are different high-quality synthetic hair wigs, where you cannot differentiate them from human hair wigs.

Human Hair Wigs:

Human hair wigs are made of Remy hair. Remy hair is known as the highest grade of hair or human hair used in high-end hair wigs and extensions. In BM Wig Kolkata , the inside part of human hair wigs consists of soft base material for comfort, nonslip to adhere to the scalp, French lace fronts for a natural hairline appearance and adjustable caps for fit.

Advantages of Wearing Human Hair wigs:

• Human hair wigs give more natural look, uses the finest human hairs in the wig
• The texture of the wig looks realistic and matches the existing hair.
• Unlike the synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs can color, can expose it to the sun and can be styled as you would your natural growing hair.
• Human hair wigs last for a longer time. It can last up to five years.
• The human hair wig can be curled, straightened and if desire can be trimmed also.

Wigs Made of one’s Hair:

Some patients are very particular about the hair used in the wig they are wearing or want to wear the wig made out of their hair. In this case, we take the patient’s hair and make the wig according to their requirements.

1. What are the different hair wigs that BM Wig Kolkata offers?

We have different varieties include:
• Full lace wigs
• Front lace wigs
• Half lace wigs
• Human hair wigs
• Synthetic hair wigs
• Anti-slip wigs
• American Filament wigs
• Mirage wigs
• Cranial scalp prosthesis (CNC)
• We have special cooling caps for chemotherapy patients.

You can get best Hair Wigs in Kolkata

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